Delivery of the Tangerine 911

September. . . . October. . . . November. . . . . December. . . . . January !

JANUARY 13, and it is now time to collect this gorgeous 1972 Porsche 911 T.

I spent 18 months searching for this car all over the world.  Finally located it in Idaho, USA.   Within 24 hours I had agreed to purchase it, sent the funds and had that feeling of “what have I done”.

Going back a few weeks, I visited the car while it was in Brisbane to see what I had really purchased.


How lucky was I.  The car is solid.  No rust.  Engine is strong, with a compression test showing 140 on the nose for all six cylinders. From there a full tune was done. New plugs, fuel filter, Fresh oil and filter, Valve adjustment. The valve cover gaskets were replaced, upper and lower and the heater hoses were replaced. The master brake cylinder was replaced and all brake lines were bleed. Front and rear hood shocks were the final items replaced and now this is a very well sorted out early air cooled 911. This fantastic 911 shows no signs of any body damage or repair. Garage kept, fantastic body, clean lines, dent and damage free other than small assortment of rock chips on the hood.

As it has been a few months waiting to get this car on the road, I have had plenty of time to scan through some historical documents about this car.  From deep in the Porsche Archives, I have found some photos taken of the Porsche factory, delivery area and production line around the time this car was being produced.  Nobody can tell for sure, but the Tangerine car shown in some of these photos could have been this one.   It is certainly being assembled, tested and delivered during the same time period as these amazing photos.  Credit owing to the photographer – if known please let me know, as I don’t.


So, now it is January 13, 2015 – and I have the keys, the registration and an incredibly wet road to drive back to Byron Bay (2 hour drive).

Finally got it back to Byron Bay – safely enjoyed the trip.   Noticed the lack of aircon was the only complaint.  The car pulled strongly in all gears, stopped in a straight line and kept up with the Motorway traffic with ease.

What a car !

And here is the final clip as the sun started to set on this glorious day

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