Delivery of Porsche 993

It has just turned up on the back of a truck.  Delivered from Adelaide to Melbourne was this beauty.



My wonderful Mother-In-Law can bear the responsbility of me purchasing this car, and creating an obsession with Porsche.

She was diagnosed with terminal cancer just a few months ago.  Seeing first hand how fragile life is, and not wanting to regret any wasted moments, I purchased this car.  It was purchased sight-unseen, with no mechanical checks at all.  And luckily, it was cheap.  It needed some love.  Just like that three legged dog you just had to take home form the pound – well, this car was that dog.

My Mother-In-Law saw the car just a few weeks before she passed away, and was pleased.


So the first thing is to change the wheels to standard Porsche Cup 2 wheels and get the car registered in Victoria.  It needs some work, so let’s begin.


And here is 3 year old son who has no idea what his Dad has just done.

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